Choosing The Perfect Kayak For You

With so many types of kayaks in the market, you may find it a challenge to choose the perfect one for you. Most people do not take time to choose the best kayak for them, hence the reason for lack of success in their water activities. Buy the right peddling equipment and your water ventures will be like a walk in the park. Consider these factors to choose the perfect kayak for you.

Purpose of the Kayak


Kayaks are designed for different purposes. There are those for peddling in creeks, shallow rivers, small lakes or seas. If you are planning to peddle in small water bodies, choose simple equipment like a recreational kayak. This boat is designed for light uses in still waters. On the other hand, if you are planning to hit large water bodies, you will have to choose better-performing equipment like a touring kayak. This equipment is designed to overcome water waves and currents.

Size of Kayak

kayak sizes

Most kayaks are short and wide or long and narrow. Short kayaks are 9-12 feet long while long kayaks are 16-18 feet long. The narrowest boat can measure 21 inches while widest 26 inches. Choose a shorter and wider boat if you want to enjoy a slower and more stable peddling. The smaller boats are easier to turn and thus perfect for beginners. If you are looking for a faster and more efficient kayak, choose a longer and narrower one. There is another category of kayaks called cross-over, which lies in the middle of short and long kayaks. You may consider choosing this boat if you can’t find a perfect fit in the short and long categories.

Kayak Construction

Most kayaks are made of plastic. If you have a tight budget, consider choosing these boats because they are inexpensive. The plastic boats are also durable, require little maintenance and provide good performance. Other kayak materials include airalite and composite. Boats made of composite materials cost more and are vulnerable to damage, but are lighter than plastic and airalite boats. Airalite is fabricated plastic material. Kayaks made of airalite have better qualities than those made of real plastic. Choose a composite or airalite kayak if you are serious with the water activity.

Kayak Features


Some kayaks lack important features. So be carefully to choose a well-equipped boat. Choose the right shape and size of the features and you will always perform better with your boat. A perfect kayak has these features: hull, hull rocker, cockpit, coaming, seats, foot pegs, thigh braces, hatches skeg and rudder. Hull shape is an important thing to consider. Ensure your recreational boat has a flat-bottom hull or your touring boat has a v-shaped hull. There is also a rounded hull, which is found in a day touring kayak. Whitewater kayaks are another option.

Special-application Kayaks

If you are planning to carry out other activities such as diving and fishing while kayaking, you may consider choosing a specialized boat like sit-on-top (SOT). SOT boats are also ideal for warm water applications. Another special-application equipment is the folding kayak. You can store this boat in your large bag. If you are planning to take annual kayaking trips, you may find this boat the best choice.