The Ideal Grand Canyon Family Rafting Trips

A Rafting Trip For The Family To Remember

Grand Canyon family rafting trips on the “Colorado” river can be described as one of the greatest vacations worldwide when you enjoy the natural elements of the world. These rafting trips usually run from April up until October and are available from as little as 3 days all the way up to 16 days dependent on the craft type you select and the points you choose for your family trip. The motorized trips are generally shorter compared to the paddle or rowing trips.

For most people who decide to travel through this spectacular venue, many say that hiking of the side canyons accompanied with the rafting trip is a highlight to the vacation. The price related to these expeditions will in general include camping gear, non-alcoholic beverages and meals. Certain companies also provide pre-trip lodging, meals and post and pre trip transportation.

Any participants in Grand Canyon family rafting trips should be in a suitable physical health. However, many of the companies that provide these expeditions also accommodate special-needs participants. Children will need to be over the age of 7 to participate in motorized trips and over 10 to participate in dory or oar trips. It is advisable to check with the company on their rules and regulations as they each differ.

The Best Time Of The Year For Grand Canyon Family Rafting Trips

colorado-river grand canyon family rafting tripsThe ideal time for rafting on the Grand Canyon will depend on a balance of personal preference and weather conditions. To travel along the Colorado River is always an amazing experience at any time of the year. However, commercial trips are only available from April to October. To ensure that your experience matches up with your specific expectations, it is wise to consider the weather conditions.

Cooler Months

The cooler months are April as well as October for river trips on the Colorado. The average of the high temperatures will range between 82 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lower temperatures generally range between 52 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you pick April for your trip, you can experience a few of the “spring” wild flowers that come out over the enormous landscape. If you pick October, you can enjoy the rich colors of the flora after the monsoon season. The river runs a green or clear color in these months and you will need to come prepared with both warm and cool weather gear.

It is wise to note that regardless of which time of year you decide to take your Grand Canyon family rafting trips, the temperatures will always be cooler to the east at the beginning of the “Colorado” river. The temperature will begin to increase as you travel to the west. When checking on temperatures in real time there is a possibility of a 20 degree fluctuation or more between the rim and on the actual river. One of the more popular methods of rafting on the Grand Canyon is to choose a guided, fully supported tour available from various outfitters.

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